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An air bungalow camping tent is a type of tent that is designed to provide a more luxurious and comfortable camping experience.  

These tents typically consist of a spacious and well-ventilated sleeping area, with large windows and a high ceiling to create a more open and airy feel. Some models can even be designed to have multiple rooms or compartments for added privacy and storage. 

What sets air bungalow camping tents apart from traditional tents is the use of inflatable beams or poles instead of traditional tent poles. This means that instead of spending time and effort setting up and taking down the tent, you simply inflate the beams or poles using a pump, and the tent will quickly take shape. 

Air bungalow camping tents often come with additional features such as built-in flooring, integrated bug screens, and rainflys to provide protection from the elements. We can also include multiple entrances and windows for easy access and excellent ventilation. 

These tents are typically larger and heavier than traditional tents, making them more suitable for car camping or longer stays at a specific campsite. They are designed to provide a more comfortable and spacious camping experience, making them popular among families, large groups, or people who prefer a more luxurious camping experience.


-Usable in all seasons: comfortable  use in all seasons, including server winter conditions

-Wind resistance: It is resistant to 9 bft wind (80 km/h)

-Base of installation: installation only in five minutes

-Waterproof: The outer awning and the floor are completely waterproof 

-Auxiliary equipment: Fixing equipment is free of charge with the tent 

-Repair: You can intervene immediately with the repair kit , which is avaliable free of charge with the tent. 

-Optional size avaliable as deamands. 

Tent Details
  • Interior Dimensions: 300cm (L) x 450cm (W) x 330cm (H) 

  • Interior Usage Area: 13,5m²

  • Inflating Time: 10 Minutes

  • Capacity: : 8-10 Persons

  • Package Weight: 75 kg / 140 lb

  • Carrying Case:110cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 80cm (H) / 43in L x 31 W x 31 H

  • Fabric: First Class Waterproof 100% Polyester Fabric (DIN EN ISO 2076)

  • Inflatable Columns: BOAT PVC for Best Performance (EN ISO 2286-2)

  • Tent Floor: Waterproof 100%, Fireproof And Anti-Bacterial PVC

  • Cold Resistance: -40 °C (EN 1876-1)

  • High Temperature: +70 °C PA 07.04 (intern)

  • Coating Type: One Side Acrylic Coating

  • Sun Protection Factor: 80 (UV standard 801)

  • Wind Resistance: 80 km/h Durable