We have multiple product lines to cater to a diverse range of customer needs and preferences. While the crafts used in each line may be similar, they require specific expertise and processes for optimal results. 

Our different product lines may give the impression of being a trading company, we are actually a manufacturing company with distinct production teams. These teams are trained and skilled in specific crafts such as glue craft, high heat welding craft, and stitching craft.   

By having dedicated production teams for each product line, we can ensure that the products are made with the highest level of precision and quality. For example, the TPU product line has a specialized team that focuses on environmental and ultra-light features, which requires particular knowledge and techniques. Similarly, the drop stitch product line has a separate team that specializes in the glue and weld rafts required for those specific products. The tent series, on the other hand, requires expertise in stitching and high heat craft. Each product line requires different skills and expertise. By having dedicated production teams for each line, we can ensure that the products are made with utmost precision and quality. By integrating these crafts across different lines, we ensure consistency and excellence in our products.  Despite the differences in craftsmanship, there are aspects that are interlinked across all production lines. This allows us to maintain consistent quality and craftsmanship throughout our product range. 

Overall, our diverse product lines and specialized production teams allow us to offer a wide range of high-quality products that meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers.

Welcome you to visit our factory to check the real production. 


One side,Choosing our company can save customers both cost and time by eliminating the need to check multiple factories for price and quality comparisons. Having multi production lines sets us apart from other factories in the industry.  We commitment to providing the lowest price for the same quality and the best quality for the same price . As a factory, we can  maximize customers' profits. we want to create a win-win situation. Customers can benefit from our excellent value and convenience, while our company gains loyal customers and a strong reputation in the industry. This approach a mutually beneficial partnership that leads to success for both parties involved.That should be the long term business . 

Another side , If you have a new design in mind or wants to create a product that has never been made before, our factory is the right choice. we are willing to try new designs and meet unique market needs .Potential customer is our tressure, we are glad to stand behind of you to develop new business. 


AUDAC Three Year Limited Warranty for all the PVC products.  

What this Warranty Covers: The 3 year limited warranty covers the AUDAC against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty covers the tubes ,seam, and accessories 

What this Warranty Does Not Cover: This warranty does NOT cover damage caused by normal use, excessive UV damage, abnormal abuse, neglect and/or inappropriate storage.  
The Period of Coverage: Your product is covered from the original purchase date for a period of three years. When original proof of purchase is not available or if a warranty registration was never submitted, we will use the date of manufacturing to assess the age of your product. 


For wholesale orders, we offer multiple shipping options depending on the quantity of goods. If you have a smaller quantity, you can opt for air shipping, either to the airport or directly to your doorstep. If you have a larger quantity or bulk orders, you can choose sea shipping as a more cost-effective option.

For sample orders, choosing express shipping providers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and similar companies would be the best way to ensure a fast and reliable delivery. These express companies specialize in providing quick and efficient shipping services, making them ideal for sending smaller quantities such as sample orders.