A flexible fuel bladder, also known as a fuel tank bladder or fuel cell bladder, Our fuel bladder are made of durable polyester urathane materail. . It is designed to store and transport liquid fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, in a flexible and collapsible manner.

Flexible fuel bladders are often used in applications where rigid fuel tanks are impractical or not feasible. They are commonly used in military operations, aviation, marine vessels, and remote or temporary fuel storage situations.

The bladder is constructed with a durable outer layer that protects against punctures and leaks while maintaining flexibility. It is also equipped with various fittings for fuel inlet, outlet, and venting. These bladders can be easily folded or rolled up when empty for convenient storage and transportation.

One of the advantages of flexible fuel bladders is their ability to conform to irregular spaces within a vehicle or vessel, maximizing fuel storage capacity. They are also lightweight, making them easier to handle and transport compared to traditional rigid fuel tanks. Additionally, they have a relatively low profile when empty, which reduces the risk of damage during transportation.

However, it's important to note that flexible fuel bladders require careful handling and regular inspection to ensure their integrity and prevent leakage. They should be stored away from sharp objects, excessive heat, or chemicals that could damage the bladder material. Regular maintenance and inspection, including checking for any signs of wear or deterioration, are crucial for the safe and effective use of flexible fuel bladders.

The fuel bladders are designed to any shape and any size , They are customized to fit the real usage placement. 


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