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High Quality Lightweight Packrafts and Lightest Inflatable Packrafts Made in China

We are focused on all the details of our packrafts ,that is the reason our lightest packrafts can take the lead in this industry.please feel free to let me know what you want about our lighteadt inflatable packrafts,I wlii try my best to make you feel satisfy

Product Details

High Quality Lightweight Packrafts And Lightest Inflatable Packrafts Made In China

As a veteran manufacturer of packable rafts in China , we have always update our backpacking rafts,our new designed inflatable packrafts make up the blank of ultralight inflatable packrafts in the exiting market,and our new lightest packrafts has overcome the defects of traditional light packrafts.


Our employees have matured experience in hand gluing craft,high heat sealing and high frequency equipment. The main tube of our inflatable life rafts is made of urethane---coated nylon and the floor is made of urethane --coated ballistic nylon.our fabric is chosen to be durable packable and lightweight.all of our packraft inflatable boat are created of super high quality urethane,the boat will give you many years to service. 


We still have excellent after sale service system,we will responsible for your foldboat packable boat for the quality problem.last time ,we was received a feedback of our customer that he thought our waterproof zipper has a quality problem,and we were connected that customer positively and quickly to negotiate about this problem ,and finally we have reach an agreement and solve this problem properly. Then our packrafts company decided to change our zipper supplier to find a new high quality zipper supplier for our inflatable high quality packrafts.    


The success of our lightweight packrafts are based on not only the high quality and attractive design but the well deserved reputation.our packing rafts company will keep up our words totally,and we have never afraid about any difficult,because only can we improve ourselves by the problems we have met.that is also the reason our backpacking boat company can be the unquestionable leader of lightweight packrafts.

Production Details




Standard Equipments

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Optional Equipments

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 Processing Technology


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