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High Quality Lightest Packraft and Inflatable Packraft Sale in China

we work hard to perfect our packraft to amke you satisfy,please feel free to let me know what you want about our packraft.

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High Quality Lightest Packraft and Inflatable Packraft Sale in China

Nowadays,when people ended their job,they have another amusement ,that is packrafting,as a packrafter,what you need is a good portable packraft,that is what we provide for you.


Our company worked in packraft business for many years,we know packrafts clearly ,the fabric of cover and bottom,,the texture of oar and D rings, we pay attention to every details and never neglect any problems of the packrafts, the lightest packraft are our main products and we have already poured all our painstaking effort on packrafts,everything comes to him who waits,we are the undisputed leader of packraft industry.let me introduce the material of our lightest inflatable packrafts.


The fabric of our lightest inflatable packraft ‘s cover was made of 210D TPU double coated nylon,210 D is to point to each yarn is made up of 210 root of the yarn fiber,refers to thickness of the yarn,and their also have another measurement unit--T,210 T refers ton the density of fabric ,that is ,each square centimeter has 210 root yarn.one D is equal to nine T. Only can machine count the dedicate  number  of yarn our packraft use totally. The bottom of our packable fishing boatswas made of 840 D net clapping cloth,far more than the cover ,high strength,good ductility,strong flexibility make this kind of material is widely used in large ,high end commodity markets.its surface is smooth,strong absorbency.stable physical and chemical properties with strong oxidation resistance ,acid alkali resistance  and cold resistance.


The fabric what we use of our ultralight packraft was carefully chosen,and they do have their advantages and help us to make  better inflatable packraft.

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