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China Inflatable Packrafts and Lightweight Packrafts for Packrafts Tour Manufacturer

We are focused on every details about our ultralight inflatable packrafts,that is the reason that our lightest packrafts can take the lead in this industry.Please fell free to let me know what you want and your suggestion about our backpacking rafts,I will try my best to make you fell satisfy.

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China Inflatable Packrafts and Lightweight Packrafts for Packrafts Tour Manufacturer

The reason I choose packrafts industry is I have read an article as follows: Are you planning a leisurely float down a serene river,to fish for trout on a remote lake ,traverse across the brooks range,or haul game after a hunting expedition?lightweight can make your adventure a reality and explore trip in a packrafts. That is really an temptation for me. I do really join ultralight packrafst industry and I do fell this amazing felling of lie on the inflatable packrafts to feel the nature and the sunshine.


The cover of our packrafts is made of double coated TPU nylon,with an character of water proof and friendly ,the bottom of our packraft is made of 840D net clapping cloth,which are very hydrophilic to ensure you are secure .

All of our lightweight inflatable packrafts are outfitted with a inflation bag ,you can just fold your inflatable packrafts and put it in your backpack until you arrived at your destination. Then take out your 2oz nylon inflation bag ,attach this bag to the main valve,full it with air ,grip the top closed and squeeze the air into your packrafts,all of this process take only 5-10 minutes to get the raft blow up this way,it doesn’t run out of  batteries ,it’s very packable and weighs almost nothing. 


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